150 thousand. How could anyone not know that number. 150,000 hearts that are no longer here.This is the number of people that have passed away from the COVID virus. 150,000 and that number is climbing every single day, every single moment, every single second, someone crosses over. This Sad moment occurs without Loved ones that are dealing with not saying goodbye. The heartbreak that comes from that very moment destroys so many people. The doctors and nurses as well as staff that have to watch this moment go by and not say anything to Family as their loved ones are gone. The frontline worked who carry on tirelessly to help the number from climbing. 150,000 and climbing. The number passes from the lips of people to others that do not care. The heartache the uncaring witnesses without a care. They smile so easily yet no one hears the pain that this number causes every moment, every second, every hour, every day, that this world sees.

The soft touch of an elderly person’s hand. The knowledge that flows through their mind of a time that we have never seen as they witnessed change the world and we never saw because we weren’t alive wars, protest, memories when the oppressed were victimized. Those blinks in time of when it happened now are suddenly gone as that person become one of the 150,000 and climbing. As these words are painfully written at this time, hearts are breaking, tears are flowing, the thought of not saying goodbye will forever touch many Hearts that were part of the person that joined the 150,000 and climbing. By the times that this is read by many, the memories of that person are held as dearly as a child’s hand at the moment they begin to walk.

150,000 in climbing, who is next and when will they join that number. Crossing the bridge of life and leaving loved ones behind. The mindset to reduce that number is known by heroes that dedicate their very existence to stop the number from touching one more life of a loved one. 150,000 and climbing. Saving a person from crossing over runs deaf on so many ears. Lives of the living are ripped apart and their cries of unbearable loss go unheard only to ones that care. There is an 89 year old woman standing at the bridge. She doesn’t want to cross yet there are hands trying to push her onto the bridge. She holds on tightly as the hands are slowly moved from her back. She shrugs it off and bravely walks to her rocking chair saved just for a moment, a second before she is once again forced to go to the bridge again. The heroes fighting a war that is met by many naysayers, continue to fight the good fight to save the number from climbing. Scientific data to reduce that number is shouted by the lips of the heroes, yet is not heard. There is an act of love that serves as a tool to stop 150.000 from climbing. The ones that can stop the number from climbing are seen in the mirror capable to change the course of a deadly foe. COVID……

Will you be that person in the mirror? Will you perform a defiant act of kindness to join others that look to get ‘into good trouble’? Be the person in the mirror. 150,000 and climbing………..