To be rich in life, the path that one takes has to be truly eventful and life-changing. I still continue to do my work and passion for helping the LGBTQIA community and theHeerosexual Communiy. I have traveled a new path in my life. The new road in life that I, Chresencia Alicea LAMFT, Ph.D. (c) have traveled has led me to work as a Licensed Associate Therapist for myself at my own practice Alicea Therapy Svcs in Claymont, Delaware. My perspective of therapy is that it is all about the client. These individuals seek real assistance for issues that are critical to them. Each client is individual. I customize a treatment plan to meet the client’s need. Each client is unique and their issues are important to them. As a Therapist, true commitment to my client is essential to their progress. I believe that working with the client to accomplish their goals and going above and beyond is key. The ability to establish rapport and trust is essential to building a client-therapist relationship. There is no such thing as a little problem. Freedom is jst a moment away.

Respecting a client is critical. Seeing clients with care, respect of culture, diversity, and traditional values is key. One of my specialties is working with the LGBTQ Community. This family unit is underserved. I embrace clients in helping them resolve issues that have transpired. I am a Board member of The Mazzoni Center. Yes, in essence, Love is Love. Sometimes you may feel that life has become a long never-ending road of trials and tribulations, hard times to the extent that you can’t figure how to come out of the tunnel and into the light. You face an impossible mountain to climb over obstacles in your way. Reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness, but a strength in seeking the answers you need.

Alicea Therapy Svcs

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