Commitment, dedication, imagination and the desire to excel have always been Chresencia’s strong points. She obtained a Masters degree in Human Resources. Certifications in Six Sigma, Project Management and Business Intelligence through Villanova, The University of Notre Dame, and The University of San Francisco. Chresencia is presently working on a double doctorate in Human Services and Counseling at Capella and Walden University. Chresencia is a member of the American Psychological Association, The National Society of Hispanic MBAs, The National Association of Professional Women, and was recently inducted in the Golden Key International Honor Society.

Chresencia began her career with Verizon Communications in 1987 as an operator. Being a problem solver, Chresencia created a program called “Pay it Forward” which, like the movie, helped others that may need assistance. Chresencia developed this program in which Representatives that were strong in one area helped co-workers develop skills to enhance their overall performance. The representative that was assisted in turn helped another representative in the same manner. This initiative proved to be such a big success; it was cascaded to other divisions and was featured in the division’s newsletter. The desire to achieve has been a constant factor in Chresencia’s life. Because of her desire be a major contributor to the optimal effectiveness of her present job, there have been measurable implementations that she initiated in various other positions held within the company. Other initiatives that Chresencia implemented were motivational and morale implementations such as obtaining needed tools for her technicians. These items facilitated their jobs and served as a reduction in time, which increased company revenue.

Chresencia also served as a National Historian for an employee resource group within Verizon, her present employer. In this position, She developed a national database, which housed all historical documents for the last twenty-eight years. Chresencia also co-wrote a history book for CITE, the group. CITE stands for The Consortium of Information and Telecommunications Executives. This book documented the history of the organization, which served as an advocacy group for African American Verizon employees.   The dedication to writing this book spanned over two years. The final product included interviews of the founding members, hurdles that were overcome and significant plateaus that the organization reached. Chresencia also serves as the educational advocate for her division at Verizon. Her responsibilities include engaging employees to take advantage of educational benefits the company provides. Chresencia retired in 2014 and has become a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Chresencia’s desire to help the community through self-fulfillment and pride is based on her observations of the current conditions of the community. The foundation of her advocacy towards people of color reaching their potential is driven by observing minorities in fewer leadership roles. The powerful tools that she has acquired through the work and education environment, will allow her to bring experience, enthusiasm and a continuous desire to succeed in any situation. Chresencia intends to work in the Human Services field as a psychologist. She also will serve as a business consultant for various companies due to her extensive knowledge of the corporate environment. Education has always been her passion. Her objectives also would be to encourage students to further their educational career to the extent that they can virtually be an asset to any corporation. Chresencia’s commitment to the African American and Latino community is to make a difference.  As a therapist, her focus will be to help those realize their full potential. Creating an environment for minorities to recognize their dreams through self-awareness and desire is her aspiration.  This focus group will then expand to other groups that need assistance in becoming self-assured and self confident in their life. You can reach her at for a counseling session and rates. Become that person you always wanted to be. Take a chance on yourself to succeed! Make that change today.

  • Never take Life for Granted
  • Life your Best Life
  • Every chance meeting is not by chance but a definite change in your life
  • Schedule me time as much as you can
  • If there is something you don’t like about yourself change it

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